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Natural-Looking Porcelain Tooth Crown
in Moreno Valley, CA

Natural-Looking Porcelain Tooth Crown in Moreno Valley, CA

Crowns & Bridges, Moreno Valley, California

When you have a cavity or root canal treatment done, it’s important that you have a dentist you trust to restore your tooth to full health with a dental crown. At Gold Coast Dental Moreno Valley, your crowns dentist can restore the natural look of your smile with our beautiful porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns are the ideal crown for most of our patients because they’re durable and can easily blend in with their neighboring teeth. All of our dentists are experts at cosmetic dentistry, so you can be sure that your new tooth will look and feel exactly the same as it was before - if not better!

The entire process will be stress-free and painless. We’re gentle in our dental care, and we always apply our keen eye for detail when crafting your crown. We won’t miss a thing in our design process because we want you to love your improved smile. Are you ready to schedule a consultation with our Moreno Valley team? Call our office at (951) 488-8688 today!

Types of Crowns:
Which Is Best For You?

With our office’s multiple dental crown options, you can rebuild
your smile exactly how you want



Composite crowns, made of a tooth-colored resin made to match the rest of your teeth, are the most affordable crown option but also the most fragile. Composite is more prone to cracks from normal wear and tear and may need replacing within a handful of years.



Porcelain crowns are the most popular types of crowns. Not only do they look great, blending in seamlessly with the rest of your smile, but they typically last 5 to 15 years. With great care, you can expect to keep yours upwards of 25 to 30 years. There is also a porcelain-fused-to-metal option that uses a tough metal base beneath the outer porcelain to strengthen your crown and make it less likely to chip or break.



Zirconia is a relatively newer material used for crafting crowns, but many patients love them for both their natural look and their longevity. Zirconia is 5 times stronger than porcelain and is highly resistant to normal wear and tear, cracks, and chips. Many zirconia crowns last for decades, and some never need any replacing at all.



While they don’t look as natural as porcelain, composite, or zirconia, gold crowns make up for this with their long life. Gold is highly resistant to damage and wears down at the same rate as a natural tooth, meaning they can last you a lifetime with healthy hygiene habits.



Base-metal crowns are often made of a combination of cobalt, chromium, palladium, and nickel. While less aesthetically pleasing than tooth-colored crowns, metal crowns are much stronger and more durable and have a much longer lifespan. On average, they last about 20 years. This longevity makes them popular as back molar tooth crowns.

Dental Bridge vs. Implant

After an extraction, our Moreno Valley dentists make sure you always choose
the perfect tooth replacement option for you

Sometimes a cavity is bad enough that a simple root canal and crown isn’t enough, and the damaged tooth must be removed instead to keep the rest of your smile healthy and intact. When this happens, it’s important that your missing tooth be replaced as soon as possible to prevent potential bone loss, shifting teeth, or further dental decay. At Gold Coast Dental Moreno Valley, two of our most popular methods for permanently restoring extracted teeth are dental bridges and dental implants. Each of them have their own unique advantages, but which one is right for you? Dental Bridges: A dental bridge for a missing tooth is composed of 3 parts: two porcelain or composite crowns and a fully artificial tooth sandwiched between them. It replaces a missing tooth by placing the crowns on the two teeth on either side of the gap in your smile and the false tooth flawlessly bridges the gap between them. To fit the crowns over your natural teeth, the teeth must be shaved down slightly. A single tooth bridge can replace more than one tooth, as well. As long as the missing teeth are all in the same area, multiple false teeth can

be connected to one another between the supporting crowns. No matter how many teeth you’re replacing, though, your dental bridges can last up to 15 years before they need to be replaced. Dental Implants: A dental implant acts just as a real tooth would. The implant itself is a metal post that is surgically attached to the jaw, where it fuses to the bone and can support the rest of the prosthetic. The implant is capped by a dental crown and a metal abutment that connects them all together. From your first consultation to the final crown, the entire process can take 6 to 8 months to complete. However, if there isn’t enough jaw to support the implant, a bone graft will be needed to reinforce the existing bone. This can add another 4 to 6 months to your total procedure time. Unlike bridges, dental implants leave neighboring teeth untouched and intact. They also promote your natural jaw bone to regenerate and stay strong, preventing potential bone loss. With proper care, you can expect your implants to last you more than 25 years.

We’re Dedicated To All Your Dental Needs

Our caring dental team stops at nothing to give you the best dental experience

At Gold Coast Dental Moreno Valley, we take your total satisfaction to heart when it comes to your dental care. Not only can you count on our dentists to restore your smile beautifully with our dental crowns and bridges, but we also make sure that your experience in our office is enjoyable as well. We design our office to perfectly suit your needs, providing a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere and multiple entertainment options to keep you perfectly at ease. And no matter your procedure, we promise that you’ll never feel any pain or discomfort. No one else commits themselves fully to you like we do.

  • How long do crowns last?

    The lifespan of your dental crown hinges upon the material used. Resin crowns are easier to crack or break than others and tend to last only a few years. Porcelain crowns average between 5 and 15 years, but with great hygiene habits, you can expect to keep yours up to 25 years. Base metal crowns usually need replacing after 25 years, but gold and zirconia crowns can last for decades.

  • Why is it black around my crown?

    If you have a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, you might notice a black line ringing the bottom of your tooth and begin to worry that something’s wrong. While tooth discoloration like this can be a sign of decay under the tooth, the most likely reason is much more benign. For most patients, this is simply the metal beneath the porcelain showing itself above the gum line.

  • How much is a dental crown?

    Your dental crown cost depends on the material used as well as the size of the tooth. On average, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns cost less than all-metal or all-porcelain crowns. Composite resin crowns tend to be the most affordable option, but they’re also the least durable. When choosing your dental crown material, it’s important that you look at more than the price tag to see which option is the most cost-efficient option for your budget.

  • How do you care for a porcelain crown?

    Treat your porcelain crown exactly how you do your natural teeth by maintaining healthy hygiene habits - flossing and brushing your teeth daily and attending your regular dental cleanings every 6 months. With great and attentive care, you can be sure to get the most out of your dental crown.

  • How much does a dental bridge cost?

    Your dental bridge cost will vary based on these factors: the number of teeth needing replacement, the materials used, the type of bridge, the complexity of your case, and whether or not any other treatments may be needed before your bridge can be placed. While most dental insurance policies partially cover the cost of your dental bridge, our Moreno Valley office has a number of financial options available to you to make sure the cost of your dental work is always affordable.

  • How does a tooth bridge work?

    A traditional dental bridge uses a crown on the teeth sandwiching the gap left behind by a missing tooth to support a connected false tooth between them. The crowns and artificial tooth are custom designed to fit exactly to your mouth and restore your natural bite.


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