Super Comfortable Dentures in Moreno Valley, CA

Super Comfortable Dentures in Moreno Valley, CA

Dentures, Moreno Valley, California

If you have an upcoming tooth extraction planned, do you have a suitable replacement option lined up? Why not try dentures, the most flexible dental prosthetic choice around? Whether you’re missing a single tooth or a full mouth, our dentures at Gold Coast Dental Moreno Valley can restore your smile beautifully. In addition to replacing your missing teeth, proven denture benefits include: enhancing your appearance, boosting self-esteem and confidence, supporting your facial muscles and reducing sagging, improving your speech, broadening your diet.

Our denture dentists custom design your dentures precisely to you, using comprehensive scans, impressions, and molds to ensure your fit is perfect. With your comfort in mind, your false teeth will be secured into place without the need for denture glue or adhesive. We also take the full aesthetic of your smile into account. The pink resin and nylon base, as well as the white porcelain or acrylic teeth of your denture, will be color-matched to look completely natural.

Restore the beauty of your full smile with our incredible denture options! Call our Moreno Valley office at (951) 488-8688 to book a consultation with our denture dental team today!

Removable Denture Options

We provide you with multiple denture options so that you can always
bring back your smile no matter your needs

Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

What we typically think of as “dentures,” complete dentures replace a full arch or mouth of missing and extracted teeth. Unlike partials, which use neighboring teeth to anchor them in place, complete dentures slide over your gums and bone and use their close fit to prevent any looseness or slipping.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

If you only have one or a few missing teeth, you don’t need a full arch of replacements to restore the natural look of your smile. Partial dentures are highly flexible to the demands of your smile, and they can restore anything less than a full arch of teeth, including those hard to reach back molars. Our post-extraction impressions ensure your partials match your current smile exactly without any needed adjustments or refittings. They use your natural teeth as their supports, with the pink bases resting comfortably behind them to hold them steady. We can also add metal clasps for added smile stability.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures

Many patients don’t want to wait the weeks and months it takes for their mouth to become ready for their dentures after dental extraction. Luckily, we offer complete and partial dentures that you can begin wearing before you even leave our dental office. These immediate dentures are crafted weeks before your tooth removal from molds we take of your intact smile, allowing your dentures to be ready well before your appointment. However, as your mouth heals, you will notice that your immediate dentures don’t fit as comfortably as they first did. This is natural as your bite changes quite a bit during the first couple of months after extraction. We recommend that you come into our Moreno Valley office for either a refitting or a new denture to be made.

We’re Here For You, Always

At Gold Coast Dental Moreno Valley, we do whatever we can to make your life with your new dentures as seamless and enjoyable as possible

Our denture dentists leave nothing to chance when giving you the amazing denture you deserve. From your first consultation, we take both your current smile and your own smile goals into account, and we create a design that highlights the natural beauty of your face and gives you a grin worthy of the red carpet. We promise that the fit of your denture will be smooth and comfortable, sliding perfectly into place without the need for denture glue. And whether you need to see us for a minor denture repair or an upgrade to a denture with implants, we’re always here for you and ready to help. Count on us to ensure you get the most out of your dentures for years to come.

Permanent Dentures

At Gold Coast Dental Moreno Valley, our denture dentists can further
improve the stability of your smile with permanent dentures

When you want a bit more security and stability with your false teeth, permanent dentures, the denture with implants, can be an incredible option for you. Like with normal dental implants, an implant post will be surgically affixed and fused to your jawbone, but we’ll connect your dental prosthetic to the implant instead of a crown. While most dentures with implants are still removable, our Moreno Valley office also offers a fixed full-mouth denture implant option to make caring for and wearing your dentures easier than ever. Your new teeth will be screwed into the implants keeping them in place,

making slips while eating and removing them at night a thing of the past. Removable or fixed, all implant-supported dentures promote bone growth, preventing the eventual bone loss that occurs with standard dentures. Changing bite from bone loss means that most patients have to replace their current dentures every 5 to 7 years, but permanent dentures can last you another decade or two longer. Ready to upgrade your smile with implant-supported dentures? Reach out to our office at (951) 488-8688 to schedule a consultation today!"

  • Can dentures look natural?

    At Gold Coast Dental Moreno Valley, our dentists always take the cosmetic appeal of your new smile into account when designing and creating your dentures. With partials, we shade match your porcelain or acrylic teeth with their neighbors, allowing them to fit in effortlessly with them. And with complete dentures, we make sure your pearly whites shine bright and natural to perfectly complement your best features. We even take your gums into account, crafting a pink base that blends in to create an amazing smile you can be proud of.

  • Can you wear dentures 24/7?

    Although you may be tempted to wear your dentures around the clock, we highly recommend that you at least remove them while sleeping. Even the best-fitting dentures apply pressure on your gums and bone throughout the day as you talk and eat. Giving your mouth a good rest from your dentures for a few hours can help it breathe and recuperate, preventing soreness and even quicker bone loss.

  • Can I get my teeth pulled and dentures in the same day?

    For patients who don’t want any time between their extraction and their denture fitting, we offer an immediate denture option that allows you to leave our office the same day with a new and improved smile. We’ll take impressions of your mouth before extraction to have your immediate dentures ready by the time you come in to have your teeth removed.

  • What do dentures cost?

    The cost of your dentures may vary depending on a number of different factors: the materials used, the type of dentures, and the number of teeth being replaced. For example, immediate dentures cost a bit more than their standard counterparts. Implant-supported dentures are the most expensive, but the price can also vary depending on whether you receive snap-in or fixed dentures. At our Moreno Valley office, we understand the importance of affordable dentures. If you have any questions about our financing options, please don’t hesitate to call us at (951) 488-8688 to discuss which choice works best for you.

  • What can you not eat with dentures?

    Your dentures aren’t invincible, so you need to watch what you eat to keep them in peak condition. Avoid eating hard foods like nuts, popcorn, and apples that can scratch and crack your dentures. You should also stay away from tough meats that can put too much pressure on your gums and jawbone as well as sticky foods that make it hard for your false teeth to stay in place.

  • What can you do with loose dentures?

    Your gums and jaw structure will shrink as you lose the supporting bone over time. If your dentures start feeling loose, denture glue can keep them more solidly in place. However, you’ll eventually need to come into our office for a denture repair and adjustment. Your denture dentist will refit your dentures if only minimal changes are needed, but we may need to remake your dentures so they fit just as comfortably as they did at the start.



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