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Super Gentle Dental Cleaning in Moreno Valley, CA

Super Gentle Dental Cleaning in Moreno Valley, CA

Cleaning & Exams, Moreno Valley, California

Great oral hygiene doesn’t end at brushing and flossing your teeth. Healthy at-home habits are great to have, but they can still lead to dental plaque and bacteria building up on your teeth and under your gums. With professional dental cleaning and exam visits, however, your teeth can be scraped clean, preventing major dental problems like cavities and gum disease.

At Gold Coast Dental Moreno Valley, we’re committed to giving our patients the amazing and affordable dental care they deserve, and that starts with our painless and relaxing dental hygiene appointments. Our dental hygienists are gentle and thorough when cleaning your teeth because we’re committed to protecting and preserving your smile. If we find anything during our exams, we’re ready to come up with a stress-free treatment plan to get your dental health back on track. Whether you need a deep cleaning, tooth crown, or dental extraction, we’re perfectly prepared to meet your needs.

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What Is A Deep Cleaning?

Regular deep cleaning appointments at our dental office keep your smile healthy against gum disease

For patients with gum disease, plaque and bacteria accumulates beneath the gum line and causes gum infection and inflammation. Left untreated, the gums begin to pull away from the teeth and recede, which can lead to a wide variety of problems, from major cavities and abscesses to eventual bone and tooth loss. The only way to fully clear your smile of this buildup is with a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing procedure, is just like your typical dental cleaning, except

it goes a little deeper - all the way down to the root of your tooth. Once the tooth is scraped clean, the gums can begin to reattach themselves, and your smile can begin to heal. If you have mild or advanced gum disease, you should visit our Moreno Valley office for a deep cleaning as often as you do for your normal hygiene appointment. At this stage, the disease can’t be fully reversed, and frequent treatments can keep the infection at bay and your smile as healthy and happy as possible.

  • How often should you get a deep cleaning?

    Unfortunately, later stages of gum disease can’t be fully cured and instead need to be maintained periodically with frequent deep cleanings. Patients should get a deep cleaning every 6 months to properly clean their teeth from crown to root of any accumulating plaque and tartar. Luckily, this can be done by your dental hygienist when you come in for your regular dental cleaning appointment, making the entire process simple and efficient.

  • Is it painful to get a deep cleaning at the dentist?

    Not at all! At Gold Coast Dental Moreno Valley, our dental hygienists and dentists all believe in giving our patients the gentle dental care they deserve. All of our deep cleaning appointments are completely pain-free, and we will numb your teeth and gums to ensure you never feel anything more than light pressure. It’s a point of pride for our team to always give you the best dental experience possible every time.

  • Does dental cleaning loosen teeth?

    Your dental cleaning treatment will not loosen any of your teeth. However, removing the hardened plaque and bacteria on your teeth can expose any looseness that was already there. This is often the case during deep cleanings as gum disease causes your gums to recede, damaging the support tissues keeping your smile in place.

  • Why do teeth feel weird after a cleaning?

    After your dental cleaning, you may find that your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold or sweet foods. This is all completely normal and will clear up relatively quickly within a few days. When your teeth are cleaned, they’re finally allowed to breathe after months of being smothered by plaque, bacteria, and tartar, and this exposure to air makes them more sensitive than normal. The more your hygienist has to scrape off your teeth, the more sensitivity you may have.

  • How long does a dental exam take?

    Dental exam appointments are one of the quickest visits to our office. With a complete cleaning and exam, you can be in and out of our office in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. This speedy time means that many patients often schedule an immediate appointment with our dentists, such as a professional teeth whitening session or a follow-up treatment to address any problems we may have found during your exam.

  • Can dental problems cause health issues?

    Poor oral health doesn’t just mean that you might have to deal with a tooth filling or even a tooth extraction every once in a while. Your dental health is strongly connected to your overall health. Untreated cavities and gum disease can spread to the bloodstream and move throughout your body to cause further health problems. In particular, failing to take care of your mouth has been linked to heart disease, cancer, and respiratory infections.

We Dental CARE About You

Our dental team has your best smile interests at heart!

At Gold Coast Dental Moreno Valley, our caring dental hygienists and dentists do everything we can to ensure you always have an amazing experience during your visit. Our dental office is also equipped with the latest tools and devices in the business, and our dental team has a keen eye for detail that guarantees we never miss a beat or step throughout your cleaning or exam appointment. And if you ever have any questions about your dental cleaning or the findings in your exam, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re always ready to answer them because we believe that your dental health is always at its best when you’re with us every step of the way.



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